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Marula Infused Day Cream

Quick Overview

When it comes to moisturizing, the obvious place to look is the African Ocean - abundant in its water-loving botanical agents. This unique lotion rehydrates your skin, while strengthening your skin using unique and natural North African Brown Seaweed extracts that provide superior moisturization and outstanding reinforcement. Boosted this remarkable product with Marula Oil - An untapped African Moisturzing gem, with antioxidant properties and a skin reviving goodness.


  • May help balance moisture in the skin
  • May help increase protection
  • May help improve the appearance of puffiness
  • May help a youthful complexion

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How it Works

To appear young and healthy, you require balanced skin hydration and a strong protective epidermal layer. Without the right moisture or adequate defense you're more susceptible to the damaging effects of UV rays, free radicals, pollution and the elements. We've used two impressive ingredients derived from Brown Seaweed. Exhibiting excellent influential properties, they protect against external forces and excess water loss, by acting on the skin's Stratum Corneum (outer most Layer). This improves natural barrier function and strengthens the protective cell quality.The first ingredient HomeoxyTM is a combination of 2 Vitamin B enriched Brown Seaweeds which provide the necessary manipulation required to boost your skin against UV induced damage and age related metabolic defects. This minimizes free radical damage to preserve a more youthful appearance, so you can stay young and abreast of the elements.The second ingredient Homeo-SootheTM tackles inflammatory response and extreme dryness (desiccation). Thanks to its excellent water retention quality, it regulates the skin's water balance and moisture content to prevent dry and flaking skin.When the skin is agitated, our bodies usually initiate a reflex inflammatory response by producing pro-inflammatory mediators such as cytokines. Homeo-SootheTM reduces this inflammatory response to alleviate and prevent inflammation of the skin for a younger more healthy appearance.Marula oil is derived from the African Marula fruit, which grows wild and abundantly across the African plains. The West has only just tapped the beneficial properties of this nutrient rich ingredient. As a powerful antioxidant, it can help fight harmful free radicals and as a powerful moisturizer, its the perfect compliment for the North African Seaweed. These wonderful are possible thanks to the natural alignment of the ingredients, and their safe and effective impact on the skin.


Size 1oz (30ml)
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