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Deep Wrinkle Power Serum

Quick Overview

This serum uses a peptide which mimics the youth hormone thymopoietin.


  • May help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • May help to einforce the skin
  • May help to nourish the skin
  • Provides soothing and moisturizing

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How it Works

The skin's ability to repair itself and the rate at which it does so is greatly affected by age and the immune integrity of your skin. The older you get, the slower the repair process, and the more susceptible your skin becomes to environmental factors. During the early stages of life, the thymus plays an important role in the development of the immune system. Thymopoietin, which is initially created in the thymus and distributed throughout the body; assists the cells in maintaining a youthful disposition and reparative qualities. It is well known that the involution (shrinking) of the thymus with age is linked to the decrease of immune defenses. Over time the body's ability to create and distribute the reparative hormone thymopoietin is degraded, and the signs of aging become more apparent. This light serum contains a biomimetic peptide derived from the youth hormone thymopoietin. This highly purified ingredient compensates for the natural loss of thymic factors related to the decline of the thymus that occurs with age. The Peptide stimulates the production of GM-CS; a cytokine that functions in the growth of white blood cells, and the immune response (HGF) Human Growth Factor. This increase provides the skin with an extended cellular barrier, and stronger immune response, reverting back to a more youthful appearance and ability to weather the elements. Simulating the fundamental hormones that define youth has allowed us to unlock this secret spring of age defying results. Enrich your appearance and look young again with this fantastic age restoring serum.


Size 1oz (30ml)
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