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Firming Neck Therapy Cream

Quick Overview

This nneck cream may help improve the appearance of the lower face, jaw line, neck and décolleté. This unique formulation contains advanced fat dissolving, skin tightening actives. With consistent application, this neck ream may help to tone, tighten and increase the appearance of skin's overall thickness by forming a protective barrier.


  • May help firm and hydrate neck and décolleté
  • May help stimulate, improving feel to a silkier and softer appearance
  • May help reduce the appearance of unwanted looks

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How it Works

Contains two active ingredients which may help stimulate cells, moving fluid and toxins out with the proper delivery of active ingredients and properties. ADIPOSLIM simultaneously restricts and eliminates the storage of fats in the adipocytes (fat cells) by inhibiting free fatty acid production and stimulating lipolysis, which recycles these free fatty acids into energy. ADIPOLESS provides a preventative action against fat formation. It also uses an innovative technique whereby the formation of new blood vessels are inhibited suppressing cell maturation and forcing the adipocytes (fat cells) to stay in their dormant, non-fat storing form.


Size 1oz (30ml)
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